Energy Security Intelligence Research



Providing energy market insight services, research based advisory, consulting services to oil and gas industry; energy technology information vendors, business innovation in the energy delivery, supply segments of utility industry; risk assessment in exploration and production, economic and political risks country profile, security of energy infrastructure, health and safety, crisis management, upstream and downstream data supply chain information provider.

“In ESIR, we noticed that the slide and volatility in the oil and gas prices over the past few months has been dramatic and whilst many companies will be well positioned to weather the current climate, it has already become the new normal, and very clear that there are some players in the industry for whom insolvency is a very real risk “

We Focus on What We do Best

  • Advice to companies
  • Political and economic risk assessment
  • Due Diligence (EITI)
  • Security of energy infrastructure
  • Strategic research in production and exploration of oil and gas fields
  • Emerging energy superpower with low production margin
  • Providing data of oil blocks
  • Market insights and valuation analysis
  • Making sense of oil and gas blocks data
  • Trends in oil and gas trading sector
  • Vetting of services providers
  • Providing training to company’s staffs

Delivering Value

We help corporates, financial institutions, energy companies, law firms, policy-makers, government and international organizations in due diligence, data collection, research intelligence to take important decisions in delivery complex challenging projects throughout sub-Sahara Africa, Middle-East, Asia Pacific and North America.

With our sector focus and leading expertise, we can help you to achieve your business objectives.

Putting our clients first

We place great value on our relationship with clients. We build on and invest in those relationship beyond the provision of pure consultancy advice on natural resources management—"partnerships that transcend the conclusion of a deal and are for the long term".

Key Offerings

As a rapidly expanding industry in the oil and gas sectors, we provide international expertise and a proactive and commercial approach with a research based innovation to companies investing in natural resources exploitation and production”

Key Clients

“With our own worldwide network and expertise, clients to ESIR for one of the very best collections of sophisticated, straight-forward talking and well-versed energy information service delivery”. Among our clients are:

  • Law firms
  • National Oil companies
  • Hedge and Equity firms
  • Research Institutions
  • Government and Policy makers
  • Exploration and prodution companies
  • Geological surveys
  • Upstream and Downstream scetors
  • Commodity Traders and Brokers
  • Oil sevices companies

"In ESIR, we are dedicated in seeing the big picture and making sense of industry data"

ESIRGROUP Limited is  an independent company is part of Energy Security Intelligence Research.

Registered in England. Company No: 10902190